301 Arch Street (1st Floor), PO Box 395, Mars, PA 16046


Payments dropped off in person now need to be brought to the new Borough Administration Office at 301 Arch Street (first floor), Mars, PA.

There is also a BLUE PAYMENT BOX inside the front door of the building.

(NOTE: Please DO NOT place water payments into the Tax Collector’s box!)

**********  FOR BILLING QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL 724-625-1858  **********


The Department of Environmental Protection has asked all municipalities with water systems to conduct an audit and put together an inventory of active service lines. We need your help identifying what materials your service line is made of.

You can submit your response by clicking here to fill out the online form, or you can return the form included with your most recent water bill to the Borough Office at 301 Arch Street, Mars, PA.

We appreciate your help!

Access Your Account Online!

Mars Borough is pleased to partner with Munibilling to bring our residents and customers better service.

Beginning January 2023, water billing will occur using Munibilling cloud software. This will allow customers to make payments online (fees may apply), set up auto ACH payments (fees may apply), view their account balance and history online, and request service calls.

*Beginning January 2, 2024, some fees associated with online payments and automatic payments may increase.*

Payment Plans

We understand that sometimes money is tight and circumstances can change. If you’re having trouble paying your water bill on time, please contact the Mars Borough Office to set up a payment plan before late fees are added to your account or a shut off notice is issued.

Call 724-625-1858 to discuss your options.

If this is your first time accessing your account online, download How to Create a Customer Portal Account (PDF) for instructions. If you have additional questions, please call us at 724-625-1858.



PO BOX 395

MARS, PA 16046

Mars Borough Water Department

In 1903, it was suggested to borough council that the town needed a water system with 26 fire hydrants. There had been several fires in town and the buildings could have been saved if there had been a fire hydrant system.

Having fire hydrants would also reduce fire insurance rates.

On February 21, 1905, the citizens voted to build a municipal-owned water system and increase bounded indebtedness to cover the cost. Council also purchased a plot of ground for a reservoir.

Today our modern water system serves homes, businesses, and fire hydrants. Fees collected from over 600 customers help us to maintain and improve our system.

Excerpts included in this passage are from a history of Mars written by Mayor Lester Kennedy in 1973.