301 Arch Street (1st Floor), PO Box 395, Mars, PA 16046

Leaf Pickup

The Mars Borough Annual Leaf Pickup Program was implemented to aid in the disposal of leaves that build up and can clog storm drains. Raking and burning only creates a smoky cloud and mulching can be difficult depending on how many trees you have on your property. When the program began in 2006, the Borough recycled about 126 tons of plastics, glass, cans and newspapers annually and the leaf program was projected to increase the figure by 40 to 50 tons.

The leaf pickup program requires the help of our residents to succeed. A time will be established each year and a notice posted on www.MarsBorough.com stating when leaf pickup will take place.

Please follow these rules/guidelines when piling leaves for collection:

  1. This collection is for Borough residents only. Hauling leaves into the Borough for pick up is prohibited.
  2. This collection is for leaves only. Try to keep items such as trash, toys, stones, sticks over 1″ thick & 8″ long, clear of the leaf piles.
  3. Leaves may be raked into piles or into windrows along the street. The machine can reach up to 6 feet away from the curb line. Borough workers will not be able to reach leaves piled behind vehicles parked on the street.
  4. The leaf box is 12 feet high so avoid piling leaves under low trees or behind parked cars or on gravel driveway, or blocking sidewalks, etc.
  5. Leaf piles may be covered for windy or rainy weather. Borough workers will set your covers aside for you to use again.
  6. With this leaf-recycling program in place, the burning of leaves is prohibited. Read more about the burning ordinance by clicking here.

The Public Crew will make several passes around town each week. There is no need to call the office if your pile of leaves does not get picked up on a specific day. It is likely the Public Works Crew will be back around and collect them the following day.