301 Arch Street (1st Floor), PO Box 395, Mars, PA 16046

We welcomed 2019 with mild — sometimes almost Spring-like — weather. Now, halfway through January, that’s about to change.

As residents and municipalities across the region prepare for the first large snow storm of the winter, Public Works has been working diligently to ensure Mars Borough is stocked with enough salt for roads and the plow/salt vehicles are ready to go.

Public Works Foreman, Ed Dorsey, stated the crew will be out plowing and salting roads as early as possible, and they’ll stick with it to keep roads as clear as possible throughout the weekend.

A few reminders to help the Public Works crew clear roads:

If at all possible, please keep vehicles off the streets. This will allow Public Works trucks to move through town faster and keep the snow cleared throughout the weekend. (Note: this is not a prohibition on street parking if that’s the only place you have to park.)

§ 224-15: Restrictions on parking during snow removal condition.

Mars Borough has an ordinance prohibiting dumping snow in streets. When clearing driveways and sidewalks, please deposit the snow in yards or areas that will not need to be cleared by plow trucks/Public Works.

§ 224-16: Depositing in street prohibited.

For the downtown area, there are special allowances for snow removal if you do not have yard space and the street is the only option to remove snow from your sidewalks.

§ 224-17: Business areas.

Throughout the weekend, please check back here on the Mars Borough website, or on Facebook, for updates.


edited 07/21/2021 – image removed