301 Arch Street (1st Floor), PO Box 395, Mars, PA 16046

Good news for Mars residents! A break was found in one of our largest water mains running beneath Long Alley to Pittsburgh Street. We are fairly confident this was what caused the water level to fluctuate in our reservoir the last 4-5 days. Public Works has made repairs and is gradually refilling lines, allowing for air to be bled from the lines so as not to cause another break in the system. Please continue to conserve water over the next several days as levels in the reservoir and the system equalize for regular use. Some residents may get cloudy or murky appearing water. If this happens, allow the water to run until it becomes clear. The water is safe to drink and use for consumption. We really appreciate your patience as our Public Works Department worked hard to located this illusive leak. Many thanks to Glenn Cowles at Pennsylvania Rural Water Association for his help during this arduous process.