301 Arch Street (1st Floor), PO Box 395, Mars, PA 16046

Public Works will begin picking up leaves starting the week of October 24, 2022.

As many of you know, burning leaves in Mars Borough is prohibited by ordinance. As in previous years, leaves should be piled within 6 feet of the curb, but not on the street and not behind parked vehicles. Public Works employees will not be able to pick up leaves if they are behind objects that the leaf truck cannot maneuver around. Please avoid piling leaves under low hanging trees because the leaf truck is a tall piece of equipment. Additionally, please try to keep other trash, stones, and branches/sticks over 1 inch round and 8 inches long out of the leaf piles.

Public Works will make several passes around town each week. At the moment, the end date for leaf pickup has not been determined. Please check the Borough website for updates.

For more information, please visit the Leaf Pickup page (https://marsborough.com/leaf_pickup/).


Leaf Pickup