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We’ve received several calls here at the Borough office about when Leaf Pick-up will begin. The short answer is: soon, but we don’t have an exact week or date yet.

With above normal temperatures this fall, the leaves are not falling to the ground as early as they have in the past. Our Public Works crew is watching the weather and watching the trees in town to see when the leaves really start dropping. Yes, some trees have already shed their leaves, but most have not.


Originally, Leaf Pick-up was scheduled to begin in late October. Then it seemed that, perhaps, October 29th would be the approximate start date. Now, that we’re seeing the lack of falling leaves our Public Works crew just isn’t sure when Leaf Pick-up will need to begin or end. But, don’t worry. It will happen.

A quick reminder: to make things go as quickly as possible, so the Public Works Crew can get as many leaves up as quickly as possible once they do start, please remember to put your leaves in a pile within six feet of the curb. They Crew does several passes of town each week, so if they go through and you don’t have leaves out by the curb there’s a good chance they’ll be back around later that week or the next week.

We’ll update the website as we have more information. As always, if you have any questions please call the Borough Office at 724-625-1858.


edited 07/21/2021 – image removed