301 Arch Street (1st Floor), PO Box 395, Mars, PA 16046

Summer is here and the temps are heating up! Be smart and be safe.

On behalf of the elected officials and employees I want to “thank you” the residents, business owners, and voters who call Mars Boroug

h your home for helping with July 4th and Mars New Year.

We celebrated together the country that Mars is a part of…the good ole U.S.A., on July 4th!

A thank you to the residents for making this town special.

A thank you to friends and neighbors in Mars and surrounding communities with a big parade that happens every year on the fourth.

A thank you in lighting up the night skies for people of all ages to conclude the July 4th holiday!

Without you, we could not enjoy the incredible blessings that we have in this great community with the unique distinction in being the only Mars on earth. And we are so appreciative to all of you. We hope you have a good and safe rest of your summer!

Car Show coming up on Saturday, July 27, 2019 5:00 PM, and the Artisan Dinner on Pittsburgh Street on August 15, 2019, both in downtown Mars.

We want to thank those who aren’t with their families this summer because they’re serving their country overseas in the military. We want to especially remember them.  God bless you. God bless the United States of America.

Mayor Gregg Hartung


edited 07/21/2021 – image removed