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Conserve Water Notice lifted!

It was a challenging start to the New Year for residents of Mars Borough.

About a week ago, our Public Works crew realized the reservoir was not keeping it’s normal level to serve the community. So, the search was on for a break in a line because of the drop in temperatures. The search was difficult since there was no obvious indications of breaks anywhere.

On late Tuesday morning the search was narrowed to possibly being on a main running under Long Alley on the west side of town. This made sense since reports of water pressure issues were primarily centered on the west side of town (Crowe Avenue to Norton Avenue). The leak was found in the lower half of Long Alley, which has an 8-inch main, and it was losing water at a fairly good rate. The fix was made and the system is now in the process of equalizing.

Thank you to everyone who shared information about their water issues because it takes cooperation by the public to help our staff and volunteers to track down the problem. We really appreciate those who followed the request to conserve water allowing for water to be available for all residents throughout this break.

We are looking towards the many good things that will happen in 2018 for Mars. I shared the Mayor’s Top 12 List for Mars at our Council re-organization meeting on January 2nd. (click here to see the list)

The Council and I really feel that Mars is a great place to live! We appreciate our residents, businesses, and community organizations for their involvement in making our town the best it can be for everyone.

Have a happy 2018 in Mars!

Mayor Gregg Hartung

phone 724-777-2489

email hartung.marspa@gmail.com